Welcome to GBP consulting

We collaborate for a better future.

Our world is in constant transformation, and not always for the positive – changes in ecosystems, climate change, population growth, scarcity of resources and social injustice are some of the daily pressures we suffer. This tension is felt by companies, institutions, and organizations globally and needs to be addressed in the most efficient and agile way possible. Every decision generates environmental, social, economic and reputational consequences; which will eventually affect our reality in the near future.

We at GBP Consulting want to collaborate to create a better future.

Sustainability, innovation and proper management add value to your initiative, not cost. Our consulting solutions provide your organization with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to make the best decision.

GBP Consulting has already helped numerous companies and organizations all over the world integrate sustainability into their actions and projects, generating a positive social and environmental impact, leveraging results and reputation for the business itself and transforming the world into a better place.

“My experience with [GBP] was foundational to my career in sustainability. I was able to turn the knowledge gained through my education into real-world actions, gaining expertise in a variety of professional areas outside of my primary areas of study. I learned to apply my own personal skills and abilities towards successful program development in amazing overseas communities and GBP helped me develop important professional skills like grant proposal development and project management. On top of it all, I was able to explore a new country, integrate at the community level with a completely different cultural dynamic than I was used to, and made tons of new friends along the way. I couldn’t recommend my experience with [GBP] enough to anyone looking to jumpstart their career.”

Matt W.