Our Method

We believe consulting is so much more than just giving advice. We understand the power of action within a business/project, but we consider strategic thinking vital before rolling out a plan of action. For this, we create strategies based on design thinking, considering all the factors involved in your business/project, the implications, the desired results, and outcomes.

Our Approach: 
Before we begin any project, we spend considerable time and effort to thoroughly understand the country context and to build interpersonal relationships. We work with project partners to first identify needs, then assist in raising project capital and in capacity development. 

Our Methodology:
We respect the way our partners work, and we believe this is an important part of collaboration. So we use a holistic approach to understand your problem or project. With a complete understanding of the factors involved, in addition to our experience, we suggest a unique and efficient solution. We use the 5D (Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy and Determine) methodology, which helps us to chart accurate and collaborative roadmaps for our clients in search of excellence.
This model allows entry into any stage of the life cycle of services, products or projects; depending on the reality of our client.

The 5D Methodology:

  • Discover – this is the phase of uncovering and understanding the real needs of the project and its business; in addition to forecasting possible results and impacts of the enterprise.
  • Design – a cycle of application of the findings and results of the Discover stage – we design the best project, processes, solutions, and roadmap to get the project needs and achieve the objective previously established.
  • Develop – documentation stage, development and compilation of the processes and design of the final project.
  • Deploy – phase of introduction and/or integration of designed systems into the current reality of the project for effective operations.
  • Determine – check the cycle to understand the effect of implementation and the need for improvements to ensure effective project roll-out.