Our Results

In our 15 years of operation, we’ve collaborated with clients of varying profiles. In addition, we’ve worked on projects and initiatives in various roles, from leading the development of a UN development fund to energy saving initiatives for the municipalities and government in Canada. Our results are tangible and long-lasting.

We create collaborative solutions for global challenges. For this reason, we work together with companies, public entities and NGOs to address systemic challenges related to the most diverse areas of crisis such as Climate Change, Natural Resource Management, Waste Management, Energy Conservation, and Efficiency and Alternative Energy.

Collaboration between these parties is fundamental to society, creating solutions that are beneficial to all, stronger links of organizational relationships and gains beyond financial ones such as: institutional engagement and behavioural change, increased profit margins by reducing costs through operational efficiency, in addition to the increase of brand value through sustainability, be it environmental or social.

Client: United Nations Environment Programme (Global Environment Facility)
Project: Community-driven pilot recycling facility 
Category: Climate Change, Environmental Education, Fundraising, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Our Role: Lead Project Manager, Fundraiser
Budget: $350,000 USD
Client: United Nations Human Settlements Programme
Project: Urban Youth Fund  (The UNHabitat Youth Fund is a leading and unique UN program for partnering with young social entrepreneurs at the grassroots level through a web of support programs)
Category: Fund Development, Event Management, Sustainable Cities
Our Role: Lead Fund, Development Consultant
Budget: $2,000,000 USD
Client: Global Affairs Canada
Project: International Development Internships 
Category: Youth Leadership, Climate Change, Environmental Education
Our Role: Internship Manager
Budget: $800,000 USD
Client: Bahamas Waste
Project: Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies 
Category: Feasibility Studies, Research, Testing, Procurement and set-up of Environmental Technologies
Our Role: Environmental Consultant
Budget: $1,000,000 USD
Client: City-Farm Biofuel
Project: Initiated the First Commercial-Scale Biodiesel Production Facility in Western Canada 
Category: Research, Testing, Procurement, and Set-up of Environmental Technologies
Our Role: Fundraising
Budget: $1,000,000 USD
Client: Various (Governments, Private Corporations, Schools)
Project: Environmental Impact Assessments 
Category: Environmental Auditing
Our Role: Environmental Auditor
Budget: > $250,000 USD