Our Services

With over 17 years of experience, GBP Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to assist any organization – from community-based groups to government and large corporations – to plan, organize and mobilize their ideas for a better future. Our consultancy is organized into five main service areas that complement each other, but can be contracted independently, according to the needs of your business/project:

Fundraising: Projects with no money to support them are just ideas. With over 10 years of experience in grant writing and fund development, we have the proven ability to find funding sources and develop winning funding proposals to help your project get off the ground.

Project Management: Our project methodology comprises of management and control mechanisms so that your business/project leaves the paper and comes to life. We believe that in order to be successful projects need consistent monitoring, logistics management, and application. At GBP, we offer both on and off-site project management services, including regular monitoring and reporting.

Environmental Consulting: We have experience advising on international projects in the areas of waste management and recycling, environmental auditing, GHG management, and sustainable energy production. Our ability to move seamlessly across all segments of the environmental sector is one of the things that set us apart from other consultancies.

Training and Education: We believe that education is key to a better future, and for this reason, GBP Consulting offers environmental education and training programs for the most diverse public, from primary school students to large corporations and governmental organizations.

International Youth Internships: We carry out internship programs in developing countries with qualified students from all over the world. Our programs provide the ideal infrastructure for hands-on learning with ongoing projects and local acclimatization support. For more info, click here.

Our other services:

• Grant management, monitoring, and reporting
• Project Development
• Risk Analysis
• Social Impact reporting
• Community Engagement
• Environmental technology research, testing, and implementation

“I participated in a two-month internship in The Bahamas to help launch a community recycling depot, and expand school recycling programs for youth. This internship set the stage for what my career would become, and the skills I learned down there benefit me to this day. Grace was amazing to work with and is a great mentor who was willing to trust me with as much responsibility as I was willing to take on, which allowed an accelerated rate of learning that was both challenging and very rewarding. Working in another country and collaborating with people in a different culture from your own will be an absolutely invaluable experience in your future work and life. Plus, as someone who now does a lot of networking, there’s no better conversation-starter than an internship in The Bahamas.”

Mike W.